Douglas Holmquist - Smash Hit Theme

I love this guy. His music is warm, colourful and groovy as hell. Check out the full soundtrack here.

And the game on android and iOS.

Noisia - Untitled

New Noisia, fucking sweet.

Recorded from Pirate Station Inferno - 22/03/14

Kursa - Just A Glitch

Incredibly dry and brutal. Visceral pleasure aplenty.

Chvrches - Science/Visions

I really like this group.

Alaska & Seba - Perpetual

Dreamy drum ‘n bass with ambient textures and hyperactive drums.

Etherwood - Shattered (ft. Nu:Tone)

This is so fucking good. It’s sort of… Liquid Neuro.

I Am Legion - Stresses Part I

My favourite thing from the Noisia/Foreign Beggars collab thing.

Gramatik - Balkan Express

Kursa & Myr - Simulacra

Well this… This is fucking interesting.

(Also, apparently The Beat Bar turns 3 today!)

Source: Bandcamp

Noisia, Calyx & TeeBee - Hyenas

Oldschool neurofunk! It’s been a while since we’ve heard something from the Noisia boys. Fucking loving this.

Bluegreenblack - Level Up

Sub Focus - Druggy

Fuckin cowbell. Dig’n it.

Antenat -  Nazorova (Egoless Remix)

Source: Bandcamp